The Center for International Cooperation and Implementation of Projects is a structural subdivision of the university, performs a set of functions for establishing and developing external relations of the university with foreign partners within the framework of the University’s Strategic Development Plan for 2020-2025.

The main goal of the Center is to organize and coordinate the participation of KEnEU in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of educational programs and the prestige of KEnEU, as well as ensuring the project activities of KEnEU.

The main tasks of the Center are:

  • formation of international cooperation programs;
  • formation of projects in strategically important areas of life and development of the university;
  • involvement of the teaching staff in international cooperation;
  • external credit and academic mobility of students and faculty;
  • organization of internships for faculty and staff of KINEU abroad;
  • assistance in the training of highly qualified personnel from among the most talented youth of the university in leading foreign educational institutions;
  • assistance in obtaining and implementing international grants and targeted investments from Republican and foreign funds;
  • organization of education and training of foreign citizens under individual agreements and cooperation agreements;
  • implementation of information and representation activities;
  • ensuring effective project activities of KINEU;
  • creation of a project management system and ensuring efficient use of time, financial and other resources through planning, organization and control of project implementation;
  • information support of project activities.

At the moment, the Center has signed about 72 agreements with foreign educational institutions and 59 with Kazakhstani partners.

Today we are a member of the following international organizations:

  • International Telecommunication Union;
  • CASCADE (a consortium of agricultural universities for the development of countries in Central Asia and the South Caucasus);
  • Silk Road Alliance;
  • Academic Impact UN;
  • AWS Academy;
  • Global Computing Consortium;
  • UHD World Association;
  • WLAN Application Alliance;
  • International university network project “Synergy”.

In order to share our experience, we are constantly looking for new partnerships and developing existing ones. We believe that by embodying these ideas, together we can help young people find their place in society and create a better and more sustainable future.