Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics, Kyrgyzstan

BFEA was established in 1994 as a private commercial institution of higher education and is managed by the Board of Founders.
BFEA is a pilot university of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic on the implementation of reforms in the system of higher education.
BFEA has extensive partnerships with government agencies, employers, public organizations, as well as with universities in Europe, Asia and the USA, and is one of the first universities to sign the Magna Charta of Universities.

Kyrgyz State Law Academy, Kyrgyzstan

The Academy was founded by the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the establishment of the Kyrgyz State Law Academy” dated August 12, 2003.
Over the past years, the Academy has been formed into a specialized scientific and educational center, successfully carrying out full-time, correspondence, distance learning of students and actively conducting scientific research on topical issues of jurisprudence and other branches of knowledge, and is an innovative educational complex

Issyk-Kul State University named after Kasym Tynystanov, Kyrgyzstan

With the independence of Kyrgyzstan on December 18, 1992, the higher education institution became a university, and it was named after the talented linguist of the Kyrgyz people, Kasym Tynystanov. The academic teaching staff of the university trains qualified specialists for all sectors of the national economy.

Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction, Turkmenistan

 is one of the major universities in Turkmenistan. It is generally the leading institute in the country in engineering and energy.

International Oil and Gas University, Turkmenistan

is a university located in Ashgabat, the main university of the Turkmenistan oil and gas community.[1] Founded May 25, 2012 as the Turkmen State Institute of Oil and Gas. August 10, 2013 has become an international university.

State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan

Is an institution of higher professional education in Turkmenistan. The institution established in 1997 on the basis of the Higher Technical College. The structure of the university consists of two faculties – energy technology and industrial technology. The academic teaching staff of the university trains qualified specialists in 8 specialties.